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    • Margaret, June 2012
      Mary has saved me from getting old.  My sons are really proud of me and she is now considered a friend too. Margaret,...
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  • Kath, March 2011

    “I visited Mary tonight and had Botox and Fillers, and I have to say that Mary is Fantastic. I’ve been to so many clinics in the past some in Harley Street and have never found someone that new exactly what I needed. Mary made me feel confident in her ability straight away and what was really refreshing to me was Mary was not just after my money (which I have found to be the case with so many others that I have visited)

    Mary is very professional, I now feel that I have found someone that I can actually return to for my top ups.

    Just can’t say enough good stuff it’s so refreshing to meet someone that is as genuine as Mary.”

    Kath,  March 2011