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    • Jane, January 2012
      When your feeling tired and your age ! Look no further than the genius skills of Mary Nielsen.  Botox combined with fill...
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  • Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress, Monte Carlo, March 2011

    The programme for this years congress was in line with the previous events I have attended.   The AMWC put together an extensive and impressive programme with international faculty members from 90+ countries.  There was numerous advanced clinical sessions with lectures held by leading experts in the field of aesthetics medicine, both from university research centers and from actual practitioners.

    The excellent training I received from various experts will stand me well in my daily treatments of my clients and I have learnt a tremendous amount of not only new technical injecting skills but also invaluable practical skills.

    Again the event was made possible by the support of Allergan and again the they looked after us extremely well. 12 out of 10 to Allergan